Dec 16, 2011

Tried My Hand At Something New!

Last night at Daft Crafts, one of the artists in the store,  Allysha Woodson, hosted a session/lesson on making jewelry - stretchy bracelets and earrings! :) It was a lot of fun to experiment with a new medium and focus on something besides monsters for a little while! :) But I am ready to finish all the holiday orders this week and start restocking the online shop for all you lovelies out there! :)

Here are pictures from last night!

My son made a set for his kindergarten teacher. Didn't they turn out awesome?! He picked out the beads, the pattern, everything! And helped bend the earrings together and all that.

I'm so proud of my crafty little dude! :)

I didn't make earrings, but I did make a cute little stretchy bracelet. My son came upon jewelry more naturally than I did - I dropped my string and spilled my beads off 8 times, and made it too loose three times! Oi! :) But here is a photo of mine! I went with earth-y colored glass beads and some metal touches through out. I really like how it came out! :)

:) Allysha is such a patient and fun teacher! She makes jewelry, beads, and clay bowls/mugs! You can see her stuff here. <-- LIKE her Facebook page! She is such a sweet and awesome person, full of good energy and positivity. :) I'm so glad I met her!

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