Feb 20, 2012

Yesterday, I was filmed!

I have a really neat and fun story to tell you all... About the film crew who came to my house yesterday!

The website Cafemom contacted me about a month ago and asked if I would like to be a part of their "Real Moms of Cafemom" series to talk about my monsters, my store, and my son!! I was flabbergasted and *almost* turned them down. I have never been interviewed or on camera or anything before so it was a totally crazy concept in my head, y'know? But I waited a day, thought about it, and sent them an email back agreeing. Then I didn't hear anything for a while. 

About 2.5 weeks ago, the producer called me and set up the shoot date, and I almost died. IT WAS REALLY HAPPENING! Holy cow! How cool! Nervous, I almost cancelled like 457716432158 times. But I stuck it out. I didn't tell anyone, cause there was a chance due to time constraints they wouldn't be able to film everyone on their roster. Then, I got a call on Friday, and expect it to be them cancelling. I was half relieved, half sad. Until I answered and found out it was my pre-interview so Tommy could write up questions to ask me and film me saying. :) 

So, they got here yesterday at noon. It was the producer, videographer, and his wife who came along for the ride. They set up in my sewing room, and gave me an overview of how it would work. We did some scenes of me introducing myself, talking about my monsters, the idea, the concept of them, what they were for. Then they filmed me making a plushie kinda, and demonstrating how they work, and then talking by my fabric shelves about how I use a lot of found or thrifted fabrics and use all the scraps because I want Lu & Ed to be a green business. Then we talked about how I own Daft Crafts, about some of the artists that sell at Daft Crafts, and then they wanted to go film there. So they shot the front, panned the entire store (ugh, it looked awful yesterday, we had just had a big soap class and I left at like 11:30 and it was a mess, lol) and did some close ups in the shop of stuff. Then it was over. :) 

It wasn't too bad. It was pretty fun. I goofed up a lot and got really nervous every time I got a new prompt. I really hope they can edit out how red my face was! lol 

Anyway, I just wanted to share my neat experience with you all!

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