May 16, 2012

ABT - Utilizing Facebook Photos

ABQT: Art Business Quick Tip
Today's tip: Utilizing Facebook Photos as Marketing Tools

This is for all my followers out there that have an art business with an online venue. If you have a Facebook business page (who doesn't these days?) and want to increase traffic to your online venues, then this tip could help you out!

When you post a new image of your products on Facebook, don't post it there first. Instead, list the product in your online venue, make it live, and then post the photo to Facebook - with a detailed description of the product, hit return, and paste the URL to the product listing beneath the item description. Now, if someone glimpses your wall photo in their Facebook news feed,they have an instant link, right there, to buy the product. You don't want to make your customers work to buy from you.

Facebook photos are a great way to drive traffic to your online store but you have to put the tools for people to get *to* your online store right at their finger tips. As a buyer, if I don't see a link to buy something, I assume it's already sold, or the person doesn't have an online store, and I don't do "Paypal invoice" shopping, sorry. I want to buy from people with legitimate online venues, and so does a whole score of other people. By putting your product listing with every product that's available, you open yourself up to a larger buying pool - and, this encourages them to click through into your online shop, possibly adding more goodies to their cart while they are there!

Did you find this useful? Have any questions? Leave me a comment!


  1. Thanks for sharing this tip! I will start doing this!

    1. Glad that you found it to be useful! :) Let me know if it helps increase traffic to your venues!



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