May 17, 2012

Mon-stor Raffle Update - #2

I have totally been slacking and forgetting to post the stats for the Mon-stor Raffle to Save the Bewbies!

The Mon-stor Raffle to Save the Bewbies started May 1st! The goal is to raise enough money to donate to the Susan G Komen Greater Kansas City Affilliates to equal the cost of one mammogram, which averages between $150-$300.

The Susan G Komen Greater Kansas City Affiliates  donates 75% of their grant money to local clinics for breast cancer education, screening and treatment for uninsured, under-insured and low income women. Here is a list of the 2012-2013 grant recipients.

In case you missed the original story, I recently found a lump. So, I found a clinic that provided low cost/free services thanks to grants from the Susan G Komen Affiliates and had the exam, and they had concerns, so they ordered a breast ultrasound and mammogram. It took weeks for my appointment to arrive, and then a little over two weeks fro my results to come in the mail - telling me I was in the clear.

I was lucky, so very lucky. But just this week, I have found out that a dear friend of mine was not so lucky - she is waiting on the results from her second biopsy to confirm what the mammogram imaged. And that makes me even more dedicated to this cause. Together, we can change people's lives and give them the tools they need for early detection and treatment. Please, if you haven't made a donation yet, do so. It really does make a difference, plus, you get entered to win that super cute pink Mon-stor! ;)
And on to the numbers! Since the raffle started, as of right now, we have sold 42 Chance's to Win! That brings us to $84 raised for the cause! Excellent! With shares on Facebook, Twitter and blogs taken into account, that brings us to 53 entries. :) The odds are still excellent, so go buy a ticket! Tickets are a mandatory entry, but if you share it via social media, then you can earn additional entries and get more people involved!

Additional ways to earn entries:

Share this post on Facebook - one entry (leave a comment on THIS post for it to count!)

Share this post on Twitter - one entry (leave a comment on THIS post for it to count!)

Blog about this raffle - three entries (leave a comment on THIS post for it count!)

♥I want to say thank you to everyone so far who has donated, shared, and talked about this raffle and my mission. You guys are amazing! Thank you! ♥


  1. I've shared this raffle via twitter and FB a few times ;)

    1. Thank you for sharing it! :) You rock!!!



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