May 18, 2012

Thrifty Fabric Finds!

Guess what happened yesterday!? I was at the post office, shipping some packages, and when I walked back out to my car to drive home - it was dead. Totally, and utterly, dead. The battery had zero electricity to give our little old Honda life. So, I sent for reinforcements for a jump, and while I was waiting, sat in the passenger seat - and found a $20 wedged under the seat! Eek!

What did I plan to do with this special find? Buy fabric! Since I have been making Mon-stors like CRAZY for Strawberry Swing IFC, my supply is almost completely diminished!  I was in desperate need of some lining material, and boy, was I in luck!

I went to my most favorite thrift store ever since I had some donations for them (I actually keep a stack of donations in our garage, and take one each time I go. Each donation gets 20% off your purchase!) and I went hoping to find maybe a sheet or two - but what I found was even better!

LOOK!!! Beautiful, luscious, woven fabric. My friend has fabric almost identical to this she paid $23.99 a yard for!

I got this much woven fabric....

 For just $2.99!!! EEEEK! Some of it had the ends hemmed up but that's not much of an issue. This is about 5 yards of fabric, in two sections. Isn't it lovely!?

I also got a little over a yard of this giraffe velboa fur for $2.99 also, which is listed on for $14.99 a yard. :)

I was super excited to spot these curtains, too! Four mesh curtain panels with sparkly circles on them for only $9.99! I am going to use these as a back ground in my canopy during craft shows to catch the light and draw attention to my booth, plus spiff it up a bit! Aren't they fun?!

And that's my thrifty finds for this week! SQUEE! I am in fabric heaven right now! :D 


  1. Awesome find. I never find any fabric at any thrift stores I've gone to. Lucky you

    1. It's a hit or miss venture - sometimes I have great finds, other times, nothing for weeks!



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