May 30, 2012

T-minus 2 days!

It is just two days until the big Strawberry Swing IFC! I am so excited but feeling unprepared - what if I don't have enough inventory? I have heard that this show is huge and draws a large crowd, so I can only hope that I have enough inventory to satisfy monster-hungry Lu & Ed fans. ;) I guess I will be pulling a late two nights! I still have to sew all the plushies shut and tag them all with names and prices with these cute monster tags a friend made for me.

Aren't these adorable?!

So far, my inventory for Strawberry Swing IFC is: 24 monster plushes, 13 small Mon-stors, and 10 big Mon-stors! I am only three away from my goal of 50 monsters for the show! :D

Here are some pictures of the monster gang!

24 Monster plushes, two not pictured in the group shot
 Here are some individual pictures of the newest guys.


And here are my Mon-stors that I have made the past few weeks. The photos aren't fab, they were a super quick photo shoot yesterday evening before I lost all daylight. 

And I have since completed one more big Mon-stor to add to the stash. Woot! I am so excited for Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair!!!! If you are local, come out to 4801 West 79th Street, Prairie Village, KS this Friday (4-8) and Saturday (10-5) to take advantage of live music, raffles, goodie bags (for the first 150 people!), and yummy foods, plus a radical handmade shopping experience! :) Hope to see lots of Lu & Ed fans there!


  1. Love love love!! Im lovin those tags too! Call me weird but i enjoy the tag making/writing process lol

    1. I love it too! Naming the monsters and giving them personalities is the BEST part! :D



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