Jul 5, 2012

Mail call!

Who doesn't love getting mail?! I received two awesome packages today.

First up, these super adorable monster stickers from Kaitie Monda. She was having a sale last week and I just couldn't resist them! Aren't they cute?!

Click to buy
And this package is from my friend Jen - lots of yummy candy colored fleeces to make Mon-stors with! :D I am so excited to use it!

I have even more mail awesomness on the way to me, too! My die cut stickers from StickerMule should be here tomorrow! I ordered 100 stickers of my vector Mon-stor image Megean used in my logo! :) I'm so excited!

Have you gotten anything awesome in the mail lately? :)


  1. I got a GREAT package in the mail today too!! A perfect Mon-stor!! My Skippy! Love him and I think everyone should own a Monster of some kind!! <3

    Krafts By Kondrot

    1. Aw yay! :) So glad you love your Mon-stor!!! And I agree, everyone should own some kind of monster. After all, what keeps the boogie man away if you don't have a monster in your house? ;)



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