Oct 5, 2012

Don't be bummed!

Even if you don't win this super cute handmade diaper, you can still snag one from Doodle La's shop! ;) This darlin' diaper will be going to one lucky winner with a bamboo insert and a sample of Doodle La's diaper rash cream after our drawing!

Doodle La is a cute handmade shop producing natural parenting, natural living reusable resources such as cloth diapers, cloth wipes and wet bags with a strong focuses on quality - owner/creator Celeste told me if any of her products fail or become damaged due to her workmanship she will repair it for free for the customer! She is very customer-oriented and produces amazing quality products in beautiful fabric combinations! Pop over to Celeste's Facebook page to check out her albums!

This was my first time every chatting with Celeste! I was introduced to her via The Mollie Shop and I must say, she is incredibly sweet and a pleasure to work with! I hope you all enjoy getting to know her as much as I did! 

Do you have any special seasonal items in your shop?

Right now I have some Halloween themed cloth diapers in the shop, with new items added almost daily.

What is your favorite thing about Autumn?

Do I have to list just one?!
 I love wearing sweaters, the cool mornings, the way the sun shines differently, the changing leaves, pumpkin patches, the excitement for the upcoming holidays, the fall themed art projects my kids bring home from school, the fact that I can make pumpkin pie and it won’t seem out of season. I love it all.

 What are you dressing up as for Halloween? How about your kids (if you have them)?

For myself, I haven’t yet decided. This year I was actually considering just dressing up with make-up. ( No not just make-up-- clothes too!) I’ve seen some amazing make-up artists create animals and even doll characters just by using make-up creatively like face-paint. I think that’s fascinating! But my kids start planning for Halloween months in advance. We will have one cheerleader, and one super hero. My oldest, who will be 10 soon, is still undecided but his choices have included a Halo character, Pokemon character, or Transformer. 

Do you decorate for Autumn/Halloween? How? 

Sometimes I do, but not overly so. We might do a fall themed wreath on the door. This year I have a new mantel, so I’m excited to try out some of the ideas that I have seen floating around on Pintrest.

What was your most epic Halloween costume?

Two years ago I dressed up as Mother Teresa. I was nervous walking around, but EVERYONE knew who I was and was very respectful. It was wonderful. My point was that super heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and people seemed to appreciate that. 

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

I like seeing all the creative costumes people come up with, and coming up with great ones myself. I’m all about the home-made, hand-made costumes! Growing up, my mom always made us kids’ costumes and they were always fabulous. I aspire to making costumes that great for my own kids. It always seems to be a challenge because things seem to be so hectic during this season, but somehow it always seems to work out!

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

I am a sucker for Candy Corn.

What about Autumn/Halloween inspires you in your crafty business?

 I am naturally a people pleaser, so I like to ask around and see what ideas people have and then try to come up with something fun. As soon as people start make suggestions my creative side starts to dream up all these fabulous ideas, and that’s when I get to work!

Cloth diapers are so cute! I didn't know how adorable or convenient they could be when I had my son so I had to use disposables. What about you.....

Did you cloth diaper? What do you think about all the cool new patterns and prints they have now for diapers?


  1. Love Doodle La! Even though Mollie wears big girl underwear now I still enjoy seeing Doodle La's creations and her fabric choices make my heart happy!

  2. I am a current Doodle La! Fan and customer and I absolutely LOVE her products!!! She always puts alot of love into her products and has always provided us with quality diapers. If anyone is considering her diapers do it! She is amazing and such a pleasure to do business with! We love Doodle La!! with love from Baby Marcelino and the Gonzalez family! <3

    1. Great to hear such a raving review! ♥



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