Oct 5, 2012

What a purrfect prize.

You gotta be kitten me right meow - how cute is Vlad the Campire?! He has a bit of an overbite, but don't worry - he doesn't bite... Usuaully.

Vlad was created just for our Spooktacular giveaway by Squshies! (remember meeting Danielle on my blog last month?) He is a hand sewn cat felt ornament ready to help you get your spook on! If you haven't checked out the official Squshies site, dooooo eeet! Danielle makes all kinds of fun felt animals and creatures! Monsters, aliens, dogs, cats, ant eaters and more! Danielle also has a blog that is a blast to read - she is such a fun person! Definitely pop over there and give her a few comments. :)

And I have to do a little sales blurb here - Squshies make GREAT little gifts for friends and family members for the holidays - you can custom order a Squshie ornament specifically for anyone on your list to look like a family pet or favorite animal that they can put on their tree for years to come that can be passed down through the family. How sweet is that!? Each Squshie comes with it's own personality and story. I love it, and am ordering a few this holiday season myself! If you are interested in purchasing, visit Danielle's Etsy or Storenvy shop!

Now, let's hear what Danielle's favorite parts of Autumn is! 

Do you have any special seasonal items in your shop?

There is a small selection of D&D monsters that are available year round in the shop. Monsters are Halloween festive!

Sadly there are no plans for specific Autumn and Halloween items this year. I've got all kinds of fun ideas for Squshies in costumes, but unfortunately never had a chance to get it past the idea stage this year. Next year I'm thinking about fall and Halloween way earlier. No more holidays sneaking up on me!

What is your favorite thing about Autumn?

It is hard to choose. I really love the colors. All the orange and yellow everywhere. It reminds me of living back in New England and all the trees changing colors. So pretty!

I also think it is awesome because of all the things you can find with birds like crows and turkey vultures and all the black cat items because of Halloween. And of course pumpkin flavored everything.
What are you dressing up as for Halloween? How about your kids (if you have them)?

Not sure yet what I'll be dressing up as this year. Been thinking of things but nothing has really seemed the answer quite yet. No kids to dress up. Just my cat and she rather I didn't put her in a costume. Too bad because she'd be adorable!

Do you decorate for Autumn/Halloween? How?
Not really. I'm terrible at decorating. I never think to decorate for a season until it is almost over and then I can't be bothered. Always think next year I'll do better but I always forget.

What was your most epic Halloween costume?

I'm often a pirate because I have a pretty good pirate costume from going to Renaissance Faires. My most epic Halloween costume was definitely last year's though. I was Darth Vader dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. Or Little Red Riding Hood dressed up as Darth Vader. Depending on how you want to look at it =) To add to the epic, my husband's costume was Obi-Wan Kenobi dressed up as the Big Bad Wolf.

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?
Having an excuse to dress up in a costume! I love getting to wear a costume. Any excuse to break out my pirate hat!

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Anything I can get discounted the day after Halloween! I can't think of a Halloween candy I get super excited about in particular. I love candy, but I don't buy it very often. After Halloween though is always an exception.

What about Autumn/Halloween inspires you in your crafty business?

The colors again. I love the orange and the yellow. Also the purple and black you see for so many Halloween things. The crows and the black cats. The costumes. Halloween is such a fun holiday! Also the cooler weather is a bit inspiring. I just recently moved to Southern California after spending my whole life in New Hampshire. I'm still adjusting to the temperature difference. The constant heat in the summer made it really hard to craft at times so I'm really I'm looking forward to the cooler temperatures.

Danielle is a chatty gal and loves to talk to her fans, so hit her up on Twitter, Facebook, G+, or Deviant Art and get to know the girl behind the critters!

What was YOUR most epic Halloween costume ever?

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