Dec 1, 2012

All New Products In My Shop!

Both of my current collaborations went live today! SO exciting!

I now have wristlets by Echoland in Team Lu & Ed colors available in my shop! I have gotten so many emails asking for Lu & Ed purses or wristlets and I am thrilled to now offer such high quality spunky accessories by teaming up with Echoland! Each is handmade by Sarah of Echoland and lined with custom-printed high quality Team Lu & Ed fabric! The bold solid color outer bodies of the wristlets make them the perfect accessory to any outfit! They are a fantastic size for your phone, keys and wallet for a night out or quick trip to the store, or to use as a make up bag in your purse. They also make cute gifts for tweens and teens! Only one of each color available, so if you see one you love snatch it up now!

 And for the fashionable kids and kids at heart, I teamed up with The Mollie Shop to have some custom Team Lu & Ed bows made! These are each handmade by Cari and are super cute, colorful and fun, and perfect for use in hair - or as a fashion accessory for your Mon-stor! This is something people have been asking about for a while - Mon-stors or stuffed monsters with bows on them! Now, you have the option to order super special Team Lu & Ed bow to go with your Mon-stor! :)

 You can find all the special Team Lu & Ed merch in my shop! I am so excited to finally offer new, highly requested merchandise to my fans and be working together with two powerhouse artists like Sarah and Cari!

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