Dec 10, 2012

My Past Two Weeks in Review!

I have been SO busy sewing Mon-stors up, with birthdays and New Storenvy launch excitement, and the launch of Team Lu & Ed, I haven't had time to sit down and do a recap since November 25th. Let's catch up!

Well, I'm a whooping 27 years old now! I had my birthday on November 29th. :) It was such an amazing day - my fiance gave me tickets to see The Xx, which you may remember from my Music Monday posts a while back. They are my most favorite band ever, and I am pumped to see them in February! One of the most epic birthday gifts ever, rivaled only by this mug my son gave me. ♥

And to top it all off, the shower of love I got from my indie friends on my birthday was just breathtaking! Cari of The Mollie Shop made me into a dollie - full of rainbows, sunshine, and cheer! How cute is this!?

Megean of The Individuality surprised me with an epic digital birthday card featuring Gabos, my Lu & Ed mascot, full of rainbows and cupcakes!

Overall my birthday was just the best ever - lunch at my favorite joint, time with my family, lots of sweet surprises. It was perfect! :)

December 1st Echoland, The Mollie Shop and I launched the first part of Team Lu & Ed Merch! Things that had been requested a lot - purses for adults and bows to put on Mon-stors - as an extension of my brand have been brought to life with the artistry of Sarah and Cari!

For my Echoland collaboration, I sent Team Lu & Ed fabric to Sarah and she made five limited edition wristlets from it! One in each color from my logo on the outside, with the Lu & Ed fabric lining them. They are perfect for a date night (big enough to hold an iPhone, keys, and a small wallet) or great for use as a makeup bag in your purse!

After Sarah finished the wristlets she mailed the remaining fabric to Cari, who made a ton of adorable bows from it! These bows are great to add to your order to clip in the Mon-stors furry hair, or even for your kidlet, tween or teen!

How sweet are those!?

Other than my birthday and the collaborations launch, I have been dying with excitement! I had a call a few weeks ago with and got to have a sneak peek of their new site before anyone else even KNEW about it! Oh, my goodness, guys - you know I am a TOTAL Storenvy fan girl so that was a huge honor for me! New Storenvy launched December 6th and I was finally able to talk about the awesomeness! I wrote an entire gushy post over on Daft Crafts that you can read here about it. And seriously, if you have a creative business and you are not on Storenvy, you are missing out! The changes to the site are phenomenal, focusing heavily on discovery and social shopping - you have the power to create new trends and make products popular by "Envying" (their version of liking) a product - then everyone who follows you see what you like, and can also like it, and thus amazing products go viral - which is perfect for indie shop owners! It makes their products so easy to be discovered and purchased! When people follow your shop on Storenvy, they see when you list new products on their homepage, where the products can easily be Envy'd and made viral - another huge plus for indie businesses! Dude, get on and you will see what I mean!

When I wasn't waiting by my computer for New Storenvy to launch, I was busy sewing! Here are the past two weeks worth of Mon-stors! :)

Boom! See, told ya I've been busy. :) Working on lots more Mon-stors this week - and don't forget! After the 14th I can't guarantee arrival by December 24th! :)

So what is what I have been up to - what have YOU been up to?


  1. These are so adorable. My 11 year old really likes them. Her favorites are numbers 6, 8, 9, and 12.
    I like them all, especially the legs and arms... :)

    hugs x

    1. Thanks for the love, Crystelle! For some reason I am just now seeing this comment - sorry for not responding sooner. ♥ Hope you guys had great holidays!



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