Dec 31, 2012

2012 At a Glance

Wow. Guys, just wow. You have helped make 2012 the best year ever for Lu & Ed. So many remarkable milestones!!!  So many ups and downs. So many wonderful memories. ♥ Thank you all so, so much for such an incredible, wonderful, marvelous year! The love and support I get from fans of Lu & Ed is totally outstanding. You guys give me the ability to live my dream, and there is no way to thank you enough for that! ♥ You are all amazing people and I am so happy to have crossed paths with each and every fan, customer, and friend I have made this year through Lu & Ed! I can't wait to see what 2013 brings! What are you most excited about for 2013?! Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear what your big plans are!

I was going to be a big long post about 2012 but figured no one would want to read all that because it'd be a short novel. ;) So, I just created a list of the biggest milestones and media mentions for Lu & Ed this year, there are so many wonderful ones!

Lu & Ed product showcased on One Brown Crafter
Lu & Ed product showcased on It's Sew Chelle's blog
Featured on Pin Pin Finds
I was filmed by Cafemom!
Featured on Diary of a Determined Momma
My Cafemom video launched
Featured on Poofy Cheeks
Strawberry Swing IFC
My monsters became celebrities at the HQ!  
Rebranded Lu & Ed!
Featured on Bump to Baby Gear
Featured on Bewhiskered's Blog
Featured on Streeter Unlimited
Celebrated Lu & Ed's 3rd business birthday!
Had my monster trick or treat bag pattern taught at Sewn Studio
Product feature on I Gotta Create! 
Featured on The Petit Cadeau
Daft virtual relaunch
Featured on Creative Adventures
Did my first ever art exhibit pieces to raise money for art education resources in Tuscaloosa!
Lu & Ed broke 300 orders in my Storenvy shop!
Featured on How To Find a Gift
Featured on Indie Minded
Launch of Team Lu & Ed merch from Collaborations with Echoland and The Mollie Shop
Featured on Violet's Buds
Product Featured on The Handmade Connection 

2012 was a big year personally as well, with successes, failures, loss, love, new friends, big changes. And you know what? Life is crazy, it's beautiful, it's wonderful and I am in love my life, and my job, this wonderful monstrous job!

Here's to a fantastic year, and an ever more amazing 2013! Happy New Year, my monstrous friends. Thank you so much for a great year!

Have a safe, happy, wonderful new year! :)

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