Jan 21, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week #3

Happy Monday, lovelies! How was your weekend? 

My weekend was nice - in fact, yesterday I ended up taking an entire day off! I haven't done that in so long - it was such a nice, relaxing break and I feel completely recharged now! I didn't sit down at my computer once yesterday! We played in the woods, went on a hike, I read a book, Trace took me out to dinner... It was a really great way to wrap up a busy week! :) And now I am excited to kick off a week of monster making full of colorful and creative new ideas!

{side note: it is really difficult to remember to take time for yourself when you own and operate a creative business from your home, but it's oh-so-important to do so, guys!

Unplug once in a while.

Remind yourself the world won't end if you don't check Twitter or Facebook.

Go outside.

Have dinner (out or in) with your family and leave your phone on silent and out of reach.}

On to the studio recap! I only have four Mon-stors to share this week - this week has been a little busy with my son. ♥  He graduated from his karate and self defense course and moved up to a yellow belt, and then Friday afternoon through Sunday, he had some little friends over for a sleepover! ♥ It was a really fun week full of happy moments, but not a lot of time for sewing. :)

I also decided to take the plunge and try a new take on Mon-stor photography - and threw a kid in the mix! I personally love the result - I think it shows the size of Mon-stors and also helps demonstrate their function a bit better,  but I would love to hear your thoughts on it! 

Also, next Saturday will be my first day with my intern, Jessica, in the studio with me! I am so excited to get started working together! Can't wait to share photos and updates about this process with you guys!

Here's to a happy, colorful, monstrously awesome week!


  1. Sounds like a great week! I've already told you this, but I just absolutely love your new photos! I like the color theme of the mon-stors this week too!

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! :) I am really exciting about the new Mon-stor action shots - experimenting today with a big Mon-stor photo shoot. :)



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