Feb 15, 2013

Fan Mail Friday - 2.15.13

Happy Friday friends! How was your V-day? :D Mine was wonderful! I bought my son a special Build-a-Bear and also a HUGE card and some chocolates, he had a great day! :D

Here shortly, we are heading to Tulsa to see The Xx live in concert! SQUEE! I am so excited! I can't wait to tell you guys all about it! :D

Anyway, I still need to go pack, so on to the point of this post - fan mail! :D

These photos are from Shirley in GA! She says, "Terrence thoughtfully stows Atlea's fleeces and blankies as well as a stuffed animal or two. The blankets used to be a huge space eater, but now they have a convenient place. Atlea often asks me to take Terrence down from the wall. He pulls out all the blankies. Offers one to me, and saves one for himself. He gathers some animal friends for a pretend nap and usually lays his head on his Mon-stor Terrence as a pillow."

Awwwwww! Terrence seems to really love his new fam! :)

These photos are from Shelly in NY! She adopted Kharter to keep her yarny works in progess stowed in, and she filled him right up when he got to her! I love the first picture, Kharter looks shocked to be in NY! Then he looks happily stuffed in the second one, haha!

I love getting fan mail! :D If you have a Mon-stor or plush from me please send an action shot to me! You can email it, Facebook it, tweet it - just show those Mon-stors off!

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