May 27, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 21

Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day, friends! Today is a day to remember those who gave all for our freedoms, many of which we take for granted every day. My heart swells every time I think of the sacrifices those who serve in the military and their families make for us every day. ♥ A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to anyone who has ever served our country! You are all courageous and amazing people. ♥

This has been a very exciting week for us, with many great changes happening! When these changes started a few weeks ago, I wasn't excited. As some you know, we had planned to try to move to South Carolina again this summer, even started looking at houses and applying for jobs there, but then Trace got a wonderful promotion at his job here. It's a supervisory position in IT, just two years after graduating from college. I couldn't ask him to walk away from such a huge advancement in his career, so for now, we will be staying in Missouri a while longer. Everything happens for a reason, and after many sad days, I decided to embrace this decision to stay here and make the best of the current circumstances. Then wonderful things started happening! (Isn't that how it always works? Choose to think happy + positive thoughts about something, and happy + positive things start happening!) I can't wait to share all of the news with you, and in about a week a week I'll be able to spill the beans finally! :D I'm just nervous to share anything before it is concrete.

I have been sewing stuffed monsters and another product like crazy this week! I am planning to have a stuffed monster sale on the 31st, so working on having lots of cuties ready to be adopted! :) The other product is something I have sold before, but had some inquiries about so I decided to add them back to my shop. Anyone want to take a guess at what they are? They will be available in my shop June 1st! :)

I am also percolating on a new product line, going to be working on the prototypes this week. I will do a post and get some feedback for it when I get it finished. :) 

Here are the stuffed monsters and a Mon-stor I have made this week! I have several more cut out, working on them production style so I can get more ton at once. Check my shop for availability!

Which is your favorite? :) 

I am going to shut the computer down for a while and go hang out with my main squeeze! We're going to walk to the park now that it's stopped storming. I will be listing some of the monsters shown here this evening after some family time. Hope everyone has a great holiday! :)

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