May 30, 2013

Are you a pink fan?

I've been plowing through my stash these past few weeks, using up as many small cuts of fabric and scraps as I can to make small Mon-stors and plush. Trying to clear out my shelves a bit.

And I've discovered I have a LOT of pink scraps. I am making a few monsters from some today. I'm not a huge pink person, but the color has grown on me a bit over the years. It's such a bright, fun, happy color.

See the fabric practically oozing off the shelves in the background? That's why I'm trying to use up my stash!
My favorite colors right now are turquoise, chartreuse, tangerine, and lemon yellow. I have always loved bright colors and can't get enough of them - in my sewing, in my home, in my clothing. I am pretty sure most days my outfits probably look like my closet puked up rainbows onto my body. Go ahead and giggle at that visual. ;)

What about you? What's your favorite color(s)? Are you into bright colors, or more muted tones?


  1. I refuse to have a favorite color. Because it is too hard to choose! I love color. All the colors. I go through phases though where one tends to be a stronger preference than others. Lately I seem to be on a green kick.

    I used to hate pink! When I was a kid we had a house that was so pink inside. Pink carpet, pink walls, pink everywhere. I hated it! I only recently accepted it again as a color.

  2. I go through stages but pink has always been in there! Pink monsters will definitely make someone happy :)

  3. purple is the top for me, darker shades... in general darker seems to be my thing. greens and reds... :)



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