Jun 1, 2013

household goodies

Welcome to another Storenvy Saturday! I'm trying out this new series on my blog where every Saturday, I feature products or shops from Storenvy.com and host a link up here for Storenvy shops every Saturday to help them network and get some free promo for their shop, so please take a second to browse the shops linked up below this post! :)

 Lately I've been obsessed with browsing Storenvy for household items. I could spend hours browsing the home category, for reals. So this week I pulled together some totally epic home decor finds that I would loooooove to have in my house. :D

Owl rope rug from Twisted Thread and Hook. I am SO obsessed with this - and all of her rugs! This would look amazing in an entry way, and I love her smaller rope rugs for bath mats! So clever!

This mason jar chandelier by Rubbish Love. It brings back the sweetest memories from my childhood. I grew up with a large garden, and every year we canned a winter's worth of food. I can still remember the smell of dirt from working in the garden, being all hot and sweaty while pureeing tomatoes to make sauces, the sound of the canner rattling on the stove... Some of my best memories! ♥

These hammock chairs by Almanzahammock. How relaxing would it be to sway in that on the porch while it rains, drink in hand? Eh? Can't wait to order a set of these! 

These upcycled wooden cutting boards by Mac Cutting Boards. Just amazing! They use hardwoods from professional journeymen such as hardwood flooring installers, cabinetmakers, furniture craftsmen. They purchased unused scrap wood and turn them into beautiful cutting boards. I would love to have one of these in my kitchen to prep fruits and veggies on!

Which of these home items is your favorite? Would you put any of these in your home?

About the link up:
We are changing things up this week. Rather than having Storenvy shop owners link to their home page, I am making Storenvy Saturday more of a social sharing event - so here's how it will work going forward if you are a Storenvy shop owner looking to network here:

You can link up to two products from your shop here. 

For each product you link up, select an item from the link up to share via social media with your friends and fans. Likewise, those who link up after you will be sharing your products! Everyone is getting new exposure for their shop, for free!

And for those of you who don't have Storenvy shops to share from, I hope you enjoy browsing all the epicness that is linked up here every week!


  1. Thank you for finding such EPIC home goods!!! I shared the amazing Owl rug from Twisted Thread!!! Thanks for the link up option too!

  2. Thank you for the link up. I shared my favorite the Mason Jar Chandelier.

  3. Cody, you're the best! Always full of ideas how to help others :) Thanks for all the love for the owl rug :)

  4. Thank you so much Cody for having Mac Cutting Boards on your blog! So cool!

  5. Love doing this! I tweeted and pinned the monster bank and the Mac cutting boards.



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