May 4, 2013


Welcome to another installment of my "Storenvy Saturdays", where I introduce you to epic shops from! This week I want to show off one of my favorite kids tee brands, Anomic Apparel, ran by James Felix. He's a rad dude and his designs are so radical for children!

My son has this tee shirt and it's his favorite shirt! He wears it at least once a week.

He actually wore it for Spring pictures. :) Anomic Apparel has tons of cute tee designs, like this ninja:

But I don't want you to just take my word for it - pop over to Anomic Apparel and check out his shop, then come back and leave a comment letting me know which one is your favorite!

Also, several Storenvy shops have linked up here for your browsing pleasure! I love showcasing the amazing variety of creative businesses on each week!

(have a Storenvy shop? Link up here!)

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