Jun 3, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 22

Hello and happy Monday lovely friends! It's been a monster making marathon kind of week! :D Lots of sewing, sewing, sewing! And school just got out on Friday, whee! So excited to have my son all to myself again, I miss him when he is at school! Read about our new summer routine after this mass of photos!

Soooo! Did you see the new products in my shop? They are typically only around during Halloween-months, but I decided to give Monster Totes a try as a regular staple in my shop as another way to plow through scraps.

So far, they have been a hit! Already working on restocking that section of my shop, and making some to send to Little Green Guy in Wyandotte, MI.

Aside from the Monster Totes, here are the stuffed monsters and Mon-stors from last week! :D

 As you can see, I've been SUPER busy this week creating, and it's only Monday, but already looking like I'll have another good bit of stuff to show off next week - already finished up two Mon-stors this morning, just need to photograph them and get them listed! :) 

I hope your week is off to an epically amazing start! I let my son have three friends spend the night last night to celebrate the first Monday of Summer break, and boy, they were up late last night and up early this morning. O.o  We just shipped all the kidlets off to their respective homes and now, let the new clean up begin! My son has a new routine he pretty well dislikes already, and we just started about fifteen minutes ago! Hehe! He isn't the most tidy of boys (but, I'm not the most tidy of people either, so we're working on this together!) so I have set a timer for 30 minutes, and he has to work on cleaning his room during that time. The goal is to have a toy-less floor by bedtime, with toys in the toy box, Nerf guns in the Nerf tub, books on the shelves, laundry in the basket, and blankets at least on the bed (never a bed maker myself, so I won't force him to be one, either). He has an extra 30 minutes of cleaning time today, since those cute little boys did a pretty good number on his room this morning, ha! But going forward, the timer will start 30 minutes before the night time routine of shower & tooth brushing is at hand. Here's hoping we will both learn better habits and be waking up in clean rooms every day! ;) I think with 30 minutes a day to spiff up the house before bed, it'll become a fun challenge to see how much I can get done before the timer is up (or how long I can wash a pan for, maybe?)! Hehe!

What do is your cleaning routine like? Do you time yourself, have a schedule, or are you an expert dish stacker until there is absolutely no room left a'tall in the sink? Hehe! Let's discuss in the comments!


  1. Love that you brought back the monster totes!
    My cleaning routine consists of taking it day by day and what is driving me crazy that day LOL.
    I do laundry throughout the week and I sweep the floors every morning!

  2. Yes the timer works wonders! It's funny to see how much you can get done in 30 minutes :) But yeah, as I type this my house is still in shambles, prepping for a garage sale and purging all of this extra, I want to live more simply

    1. Likewise, we are doing the same! We plan to downgrade and focus on more natural living. :) I have purged two garbage bags of clothes from our closets and about ten boxes to charity this month! It's crazy how much stuff we have but don't use, glad to give it to someone who can!



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