Jul 22, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 29

Whoa, I can't believe 29 weeks of 2013 has passed already. This year is just zooming by!

Time seems to be flying by as we continue to get settled and I work on preparing for Strawberry Swing IFC - which is this Sunday! Eek! If you are in the KC come and say hi! :D I would love to see some of you lovelies there!

Did you see my latest series, What Mon-stors are made of? I hope to post an installment in this series once a week, showing exactly how Lu & Ed is reducing landfill waste by repurposing textile discards. Not only I am buying post production from thrift & vintage shops, but recently several friends and fellow artists have sent me some of their fabrics and scraps they had intended to otherwise dispose of (thanks, guys!) which has been marvelous! I am so thankful for the friends I have made in the handmade community and the ways we can help one another's businesses become more sustainable! And getting to know Jenelle of TrashN2Tees and her amazing clothing recycling program set my gears turning on more ways I can collect textile discards and gently used textiles locally to keep them out of landfills - especially things like PJ pants, sheets, sweat shirts, hoodies, robes, and blankets. I absolutely love what Jenelle has done in her community and would love to see something like that come to life here in KC! While I percolate on this endeavor, if you are in the KC area and have some textiles to dispose of, shoot me an email and we'll chat! :)

Speaking of turning textile discards into Mon-stors - it has been a busy week in the studio! I was working production style from last Monday through today, and here's what I got completed: (apologies in advance for the awful cell phone photos - I was in the sewing zone, didn't take time to properly photography hardly anything!)

I still have six big Mon-stors laying on my sewing table that are getting faces tomorrow, then I am going to whip up a few more totes and plush before this weekend! 

Oh, you know what's really exciting? Last week Trace started a new job! His dream job, with dream hours - 7am-3pm, weekends off! Ah, it's so perfect, I love being able to cook dinner together and squeeze in some gardening in the afternoons with him. His first day was Monday, and we had a big dinner Friday evening to celebrate. It was a pretty great evening. :) I made eggplant lasagna again, and it was a huge hit with the boys! 

And yeah, I'm typically the only female in our house, ever, except later this night Chris's (man on the left with the hat) girlfriend came over and we chatted about crafty stuff - it was preeeeetty dang sweet! :D So happy to have met another creative spirit here to get my craft chat on with!

The rest of the weekend was spent locked away in my studio - most of Saturday I spent redesigning my online shop - pop over and let me know what you think! - and the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday (and all day today) I sewed like a mad woman! :) 

Now, it's almost midnight here and after a full day in the studio on top of laundry, gardening and errands, I'm whipped and ready to crash into my bed! So here's to another exciting, productive week! Cheers!


  1. Felt the need to point out that your model has passed cute and entered handsome! Hope he continues to be so supportive of his Mom.

  2. Cody, community support is everything and you do a great job fostering those connections. I love seeing what your mon-stors are made of! Keep up the great work. Thank you so much for the shout out, through the partnerships and programs established with TrashN2Tees I've been able to divert more than 64,000 lbs of clothing from our waste streams that is the equivalent to 130,441 t shirts!



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