Jul 18, 2013

What Mon-stors Are Made Of - #1

I thought it would be fun to add a new series on the blog centered around what Mon-stors are made from. If you've been around for a while, or if you're just discovering Lu & Ed, you may have noticed I say they are made with up-cycled fabrics. But just what does that mean? Wonder no more! This series will show you just what Mon-stors are made of! Rawr!

This week, I'm showing off these XXL PJ pants I found at a thrift store, as modeled by my son (by standing in one leg of the pants, haha!)....

That I turned into this Mon-stor. (sorry for the blurry photo, it's the only one I snapped before I packed it up for it's new home!)

And this tote.

And two plush (only one shown here because I ran out of stuffing, whoops!).

 The tiny scraps of fabric I had left I diced and stuffed the plush monsters with! :) And that is how Lu & Ed is keeping the Earth clean - by using post production and gifted fabrics fabrics, there is no excess air pollution or waste from textile factories and since I use every last little scrap, so there is absolutely no landfill waste from the production of Mon-stors going into landfills. Makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside, right? ;)

Tune in next week and see what I've done with these pants!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I love green small businesses!! You got quite a handsome model there, too...!



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