Jul 30, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 30

Last week was intense.

I got some sad/happy news - my good friend Jessica, the one many of you know as my intern, is moving away to Texas in a week! D: I am going to miss her dearly but I am so excited for her to have this opportunity to travel and see amazing new things! :)

I was trying to squeeze in as much time with Jessica as possible last week, and when I was at home it was a mad sewing scramble to prepare for Strawbery Swing IFC. And regrettably, I didn't get pictures of all the stuffed monsters I made for it - I made 15 stuffed monsters and only managed to snap a few shots of handful of them during the show when I realized they were never properly photographed! Phooey! I was trying to make sure I got a picture of every monster I made this year so I could tally exactly how many were made. (So far, the total is 212!). :\ So if you were at Strawberry Swing this Sunday and adopted a stuffed monster, please shoot me a fan photo to luandedcreations@yahoo.com!

Here are the photos I did get of Mon-stors made last week and my terrible cell phone snap shots of the few plush I remembered to photograph at the show!

Yeeeeah - as you can see, I was pretty busy last week! Working until the last minute on show prep!

Then the big day was finally here! Woohoo! Here is my booth - I was at the top of the stairs in the Alexander Majors Barn. Such a fun place for a craft show! :)

That entire rack of Mon-stors and then some were adopted during the show! And that book case of plush? Only seven came home with me! :) It was such a great event. I wish I had gotten pictures of other vendors booths, but the show was packed, so let me do a recap of some new friends I made I think you will all love!

Right in front of me was a tee shirt company called Tiny Little Monster - omgosh you guys! They were so cool. We ended up buying four tee shirts from them! Haha! I love their tees, pop over and check them out! They are opening a brick and mortar screen printing joint August 21st in St. Louis, I hope to be able to make it down for the grand opening!

Dino onesie from Tiny Little Monster
I also met Nicole from Ni-chern Designs - SUPER sweet lady with some super cute creations! Will be hopefully doing another show in September with her sweet self! :D

Pouch by Ni-Chern Designs

And I met Angie and Michelle of Two Tone Press. They are a sister team letter press studio. Anybody who loves monsters as much as I do is instantly awesome. ;)

Monster Lover cards from Two Tone Press
I also met Tracy from Unique Creations by Tracy briefly - wish I could have said more but pretty much all day there was at least one person at my booth. It was great to finally meet her and her beautiful family - I hope we can meet up when I go down to see Tiny Little Monster's new joint! I also saw Kelly from Kiser Krafts, Melanie from Violet's Buds and Scott from Gipson Wands. I just wish Cari from The Mollie Shop could have made it! It was such a fun event!

And now, I'm going to go spend some quality time with my little dude while I wait on the sun to come out so I can photograph new Mon-stors left over from the show for listings. It's wet and dreary here, hopefully the sun peeps out just long enough for a photoshoot today! :)


  1. Congrats on selling so many monsters, that is awesome! Your booth looked amazing. We had such a great time.

  2. Woohoo way to go!!! I love the venue! I got married in a renovated barn it reminds me of that

    1. I was totally thinking "this would be such a cool place for a wedding!" while we were there. It's gorgeous! :) Part of an old plantation.

  3. So fun! Glad you had a blast!

  4. Wow it was like a fun handmade party! Congrats on so many sales!!

    1. It really was a giant handmade party! You should travel down for it next year! :)

  5. Let me know if you going to St. Louis. My sister owns a basketry shop there.



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