Jul 10, 2013

Lu & Ed's got swag!

Have you heard the latest news? Now every order from luanded.com comes with a free swag bag to reward my monstrously awesome customers! Each bag is filled with samples, coupons and goodies from handmade businesses I believe in, so you get to experience their epic customer service first hand and discover amazing new crafty businesses to support!

I think it's going to be a really fun way to connect people + handmade businesses. I'm excited to see what people think of the swag bags! The first couple of swag bags are on their way to the first recipients and I just can't wait to hear what they have to say!

If you order + receive a swag bag from me, please send me some feedback about the products in the bags and let me know what type of shops you would like to see participating, also I'd love to know if you ordered anything from any of the participating shops that contributed to the swag bags, which item in the swag bag was your favorite, etc - this is all very important for me to know as this is a new program and I am doing it for YOU - my loyal, loving, epic monster adopting friends! :) All of the information you provide will be used to improve this swag program! :) 

And if you have a handmade shop and would like to get in on the fun, apply here! The Swag Bags will go in with orders from my monster shop. They will have very concentrated swag that jives with the products my customers love – cute, whimsy, handmade, eco, colorful and fun products for kids and parents! If you think your shop fits the bill, please apply! The second wave of swag bags will be going out soon! :) It is only $5 to participate, and you get to send twenty-five (25!!!) swag goodies (coupons, samples or promo materials like stickers, pin back buttons, mini art prints, etc paired with a coupon) - that means for just $5, you get direct-marketed to 25 people who love products just like yours. Unlike an online ad, it's a guaranteed eyes-on-you experience for your shop, marketed directly to your target audience.*

* Due to the highly targeted audience, I am only accepting shops that I know my customers will love based on years of market research. As is such, there is an application process and I will only select the most fitting applicants to participate!

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